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Small Garden Design Ideas

Small garden design is something that many people desire in order to be able to create one in their homes. Perhaps you want to convert you small yard space into a beautiful garden. Even if you have plenty of space in your yard, you may just want to use a small portion to make a small garden. Small garden design ideas would be very useful to city dwellers where the only space they can plant is their balcony or small patio.

A great garden design for a small garden can make your small space come to life. Forethought and careful planning is the only way that you can make your small garden design really work.

Here are some ideas you can use for your small garden design.

Find out the reason why you want to have a small garden at home. You can either want it to decorate your home, to be able to harvest something out of it, or a combination of both beauty and function.

If you want a garden to decorate your home, then you need to have plants that will give the largest visual impact per square foot without considering its function. If you want a functional garden then you should choose edible plants or plants that bear fruit, vegetables, or plants that can be used for home remedies. You should plant both visually appealing plants and useful plants if you are planning on a hybrid garden.

Use raised beds in your small garden to make for a more vigorous crop. These raised beds are ideal for any small garden and you can construct them in any shape. You condo or apartment balcony is ideal for a small garden; you can simply put a planter in the corner of the balcony and a long straight one parallel to the railing. You balcony will still have plenty of space while also providing plenty of growing space for your plants.

You can also construct your small garden vertically or horizontally. A wall or a fence can easily be turned into a living wall by adding hanging planters or vines to it.

You small garden can become visually appealing if you stagger plants of different heights and colors around one another. You garden will look larger since texture and dimension is created in it.

These ideas can be used to create a ideal small garden. If you can add your own ideas to why is suggested above, then you can make a small garden that suits your preferences and needs best. Or, you can seek professional help for better small garden design ideas to help you create a beautiful and functional garden in your home.

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